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What principles should be followed in the layout of fire engineering

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The main contents of fire engineering construction: automatic fire alarm and linkage system, fire water supply and indoor and outdoor fire hydrant system, automatic sprinkler system, gas fire extinguishing system, anti-smoke exhaust ventilation and air conditioning system, fire shutter, smoke wall and fire door.

During the construction of fire protection engineering, many people do not know what is the principle of general layout during fire engineering construction? The following editor of Bohuang Fire Protection will introduce you to the relevant knowledge so that you can have a deeper understanding.

1. Clarify the general layout content.

2. Reasonably arrange temporary rooms and temporary facility locations.

3. Layout principles of key areas:

1) The layout principle of the fixed hot work field: the fixed hot work field should be arranged on the upwind side of the combustible material storage yard and its processing yard, flammable and explosive dangerous goods warehouse, etc., which are small frequency wind direction throughout the year; It should be arranged on the upwind side of the low-frequency wind direction throughout the year, such as temporary office rooms, dormitories, combustible material warehouses, and projects under construction.

2) The basic principle of setting up the population at the construction site: the setting of the entrance and exit of the construction site should meet the requirements of fire truck traffic, and should be arranged in different directions, and its number should not be less than 2. When it is really difficult to set up only 1 exit, a ring road should be set up in the construction site to meet the passage of fire trucks.

3) The layout principle of the dangerous goods warehouse: the flammable and explosive dangerous goods warehouse should be far away from the open flame operation area, the people-intensive area and the relatively concentrated area of the building. Combustible material yards and their processing yards, flammable and explosive dangerous goods warehouses should not be arranged under overhead power lines.

I believe that the importance of fire engineering can be clearly recognized without the editor, so I hope everyone can pay attention to it!

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