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Liaoyuan City annual output of 60,000 sets of rail vehicle bearing project

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1. Project Introduction

1.1 Project Background

1.1.1 Product Introduction

Bearings are the key basic parts of the equipment manufacturing industry, at present, the performance and quality level of rolling bearings produced in China are generally not high, and most of the high-grade bearings rely on imports. With the rapid development of rail transit equipment industry, the demand for high-grade bearings has increased sharply. EMU bearings with a speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour, bearings with axles heavier than 30 tons of heavy-duty railway wagons, and new urban rail transit bearings with a service life of more than 200 million kilometers.

1.1.2 Market Prospects

With the continuous development of the global economy and the deepening of interconnection between global economies, railways as an economical and environmentally friendly mode of transportation will continue to develop. The market size of the railway industry reached 2018.1 trillion yuan in 48.

China's high-speed railway and urban rail transit vehicle bearings are currently basically dependent on imports. At present, the bearings for domestic high-speed rail EMUs are basically SKF (Sweden SKF), FAG (German Schaeffler brand), Timken (American Iron Kenm), NSK (Japan Seiko brand), China's high-speed rail and rail transit to achieve independent manufacturing, key components must be based on the domestic, for China's high-speed trains to break the foreign technology blockade is of great significance. By 2020, it is planned to reach 2,200 trains, including 16,1 trains in 530 formations and 8 trains in 670 formations. By 2020, the number of speed-up railway passenger cars running online will reach more than 30,53, and the total demand for bearings will reach 84,<> sets. At present, China's high-speed rail transit is achieving leapfrog development, and the continuous introduction of related new products and new technologies has accumulated a lot of experience for the technical application of rail transit vehicle bearings, which will greatly promote the development of independent innovation technology of domestic rail transit vehicles, and promote the progress of key technologies, common technologies and supporting technologies of rail transit vehicle bearings.

With the six major speeds of China's railways, the demand for high-precision bearings required for speed-up railway passenger cars and freight cars has gradually expanded, and there is a lot of room for development. In 2017, the length of urban rail transit lines under construction in China was 6246 kilometers, the total length of planned lines was 7424 kilometers, and in the first half of 2018, 9 urban rail lines in 10 cities in China were put into operation. According to the data and construction planning of previous years, the operating mileage of urban rail transit in mainland China may reach 2018,5500 kilometers in 2020. By 12, the operating mileage of railways nationwide will reach 1,6 km, and 50,60 km of new passenger dedicated lines will be built, with a double line rate of 50% and an electrification rate of <>%; The number of speed-up railway passenger cars and freight cars running online has reached more than <>,<>. The main busy trunk lines realize the separation of passengers and cargo, basically forming a railway network with reasonable layout, clear structure, perfect functions and smooth connection, and the main technical equipment has reached or approached the international advanced level.

1.1.3 Technical Analysis

This project intends to use investment enterprise technology.

1.1.4 Favorable conditions for project construction

(1) Policy advantages

The "Several Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Revitalization of the Equipment Manufacturing Industry" listed the industry as 16 key areas for key development, and the rail bus industry has also become a landmark project and a new economic growth point for the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry in Jilin Province. The "Opinions" includes seven aspects, including development direction and goals, fully supporting the rapid development of its backbone enterprises, focusing on promoting the construction of rail equipment industrial parks, vigorously supporting its supporting industries, and creating a good development environment. The Jilin provincial government issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Rail Bus Industry", which contains 28 support measures and preferential policies.

(2) Talent advantages

The Human Resources Section required for the local construction of the project is recruited locally. The city is rich in human resources, and there are vocational colleges in the urban area, which can train talents according to the needs of enterprises. The city has a good industrial development foundation, and it only takes 1 hour to Changchun, a nationally renowned "university town" and "automobile city", and the demand for talents can be met.

(3) Industrial foundation advantages

Liaoyuan City has now formed an aluminum processing industrial cluster with a certain scale. At present, there are 11 aluminum alloy and related enterprises, including 6 backbone enterprises, 2 listed companies, and 10 enterprises with an output value of more than 2 billion yuan. There are more than 3000,50 employees, and the annual production capacity of aluminum alloy and deep processing products has reached more than 39,<> tons, and the annual output value has exceeded <>billion. Liaoyuan City has a good location advantage and market environment for the development of aluminum deep processing. The surrounding industrial bases closely related to aluminum processing include: Changchun Rail Vehicle Base, Changchun Automobile Manufacturing Base, Shenyang Automobile Manufacturing Base, Shenyang Aviation Manufacturing Base, Shenyang Equipment Manufacturing Base, Qiqihar Freight Vehicle Base, Northeast Petroleum Exploitation and Production Base, Green Food and Pharmaceutical Production Base, Changchun Optoelectronic Information Industry Base, etc. Liaoyuan City is close to the Tongliao-Huolinhe coal, electricity and aluminum integration industrial base in Inner Mongolia, which has advantages in raw material supply and good logistics advantages.

(4) The infrastructure is in good condition

The site of this project is surrounded by public facilities, with "seven links and one level" infrastructure conditions, and good supporting facilities provide a solid foundation for project construction and save project construction funds.

(5) Transportation advantages

Liaoyuan has superior location conditions and continuously enhanced its carrying capacity for development. Liaoyuan is located on the axis of Changchun and Shenyang, 100 kilometers away from Changchun in the north and 200 kilometers away from Shenyang in the south, National Highway Line 303 and Simei Railway run through the whole territory, Liaoxi Railway, Changliao Expressway, Yingmei Expressway, Jicao Expressway and the Liaoxi Expressway under construction and the Liaoning-Changchang Railway that is about to start construction, forming a comprehensive transportation system extending in all directions, forming a new passage into the sea and customs in the northeast hinterland.

1.2 Project construction content and scale

1.2.1 Product plan and scale

This project plans to produce 60000,200 sets of EMU bearings with a speed of more than 30 kilometers per hour, heavy-duty railway truck bearings with axles weighing more than 200 tons, new urban rail transit bearings and oil-impregnated bearings with a service life of more than <> million kilometers.

1.2.2 Construction content

The construction investment content is mainly for the construction of plant buildings, office buildings, purchase of process equipment and public supporting facilities.

1.3 Total investment and fundraising of the project

The total investment of this project is 16100 million yuan, of which the construction investment is 13081.25 million yuan.

Note: "10,000 yuan" in the table is in RMB

1.4 Financial analysis and social evaluation

1.4.1 Key Financial Indicators

After the project reaches production, the annual sales revenue is 15724.4735 million yuan, the profit is 29.3 million yuan, the payback period is 5.1 years (after tax, including the construction period of 5.29 years), and the investment profit rate is <>%.

Note: "10,000 yuan" in the table is in RMB

1.4.2 Social evaluation

The construction of this project fully supports the adjustment of the industrial structure of Liaoyuan City, further accelerates the pace of transformation of the old industrial base in Northeast China, accelerates the rapid development of industry in Liaoyuan City, promotes the economic development and growth of Liaoyuan City, increases the total regional economic aggregate, increases employment positions, and alleviates social employment pressure. At the same time, after the completion of the project, it will play a prominent role in revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China and optimizing the layout of auto parts industry in Jilin Province.

1.5 Project cooperation methods

Joint venture.

1.6 Foreign investment is required

Funding, technology.

1.7 Project construction site

Jilin Liaoyuan Economic Development Zone

1.8 Project Progress

A project cooperation plan has been prepared.

2. Introduction of the Partner

2.1 Basic Information

Name: Administrative Committee of Jilin Liaoyuan Economic Development Zone

Address: No. 1633, Fortune Road, Liaoyuan City

2.2 Overview

Liaoyuan City is located in the south-central part of Jilin Province, located in the transition zone between the remnants of the Changbai Mountains and the Songliao Plain, named because the East Liao River originates here, and the geographical overview is "five mountains, one water and four fields". Liaoyuan City covers an area of 5140,46 square kilometers, and the built-up area of the city is 130 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over Dongfeng and Dongliao counties, Longshan and Xi'an districts and a provincial-level economic development zone, with a total population of 50.<> million, of which <>,<> are urban areas.

Liaoyuan has a relatively long history and rich cultural heritage. There were human activities as early as the Bronze Age, and it was one of the important birthplaces of the Manchu Qing Dynasty, which was established as the royal "Shengjing Enclosure". Because it was the first to domesticate sika deer in China, it is known as the "hometown of Chinese sika deer", and with its rich Kanto black soil culture, it also enjoys the reputation of "the hometown of Chinese pipa", "the hometown of Chinese two", "the hometown of Chinese peasant painting", "the hometown of Chinese paper-cutting", "China's famous city of socks" and so on.

Jilin Liaoyuan Economic Development Zone is a provincial-level development zone approved by the provincial government in 2001, with an area of 66.26 square kilometers. The total population is 40716,<>. It has initially formed an industrial structure dominated by aluminum profile processing, new energy, medicine and health, textile socks industry, auto parts and other industries, gathering a number of large enterprises with high technical content, strong driving force and good growth potential, such as Midas Aluminum, Liyuan Aluminum, Midas Light Alloy, Northeast Socks Industry, Fawer Pump, Zhongju New Energy, Hongji Drawing Industry, Boda Weiye, Qiming Biotechnology, Joyson Electronics, etc. Based on its own reality, Liaoyuan Economic Development Zone adheres to differentiated development, intensive development and cluster development, scientifically builds characteristic parks, vigorously develops characteristic industries, and strives to achieve the concentration and agglomeration of advantageous industries. While doing a good job in traditional advantageous industries, we should speed up the development of supporting service industries such as information and logistics, and strive to build the development zone into a modern manufacturing industry and high-end service gathering area with fast development speed, good development quality and high development efficiency.

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Liaoyuan City annual output of 60,000 sets of rail vehicle bearing project

Bearings are the key basic parts of the equipment manufacturing industry, at present, the performance and quality level of rolling bearings produced in China are generally not high, and most of the high-grade bearings rely on imports. With the rapid development of rail transit equipment industry, the demand for high-grade bearings has increased sharply. EMU bearings with a speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour, bearings with axles heavier than 30 tons of heavy-duty railway wagons, and new urban rail transit bearings with a service life of more than 200 million kilometers.


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